Unfortunately, COVID-19 seems to be impacting our lives more and more: much of the world has gone into lockdown, with strict border restrictions and government-led policies in place imposing self-isolation. It can be difficult to cope with a disrupted routine and think of positive ways to fill time when you are confined indoors.

If this is the case for you, have you considered the power of listening? Podcasts and recordings are a great way to stay in the moment, keep up to date with developments and help keep any negative emotions surrounding Coronavirus at bay. Here are our top picks:

The Happiness Lab

Perhaps you are using your time in self-isolation for reflection? Often when we have time to address how we really feel about a situation, it makes us realize something is missing or we lack contentment. ‘The Happiness Lab’ a podcast hosted by Dr Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale University cleverly uses evidence-based science to provide tips on how to lead a more contented life. Since the Coronavirus crisis has caused much panic and anxiety, his most recent episodes focus on effective coping strategies that help ease these negative feelings and deal with the uncertainty of the present situation. At a time when many are finding it hard to find contentment and peace of mind, it is useful listening.

10% Happier

If you haven’t heard of Dan Harris, then now is a chance to check him out. His ‘10% Happier’ podcast is making waves by focusing on topics such as meditation and mental health. As a response to COVID-19, new episodes specifically take a look at how to handle anxious thoughts about the virus, but also help parents struggling to keep children entertained and educated and support anyone struggling to make the transition from work to being home-based. If you are struggling with any of these issues you may find one of the meditation episodes specifically useful in reducing stress and easing any anxiety that you are currently experiencing.


Another effective podcast that focuses on meditation is ‘Untangle’. This is a great place to start if you are new to the concept of meditation or struggle to put it into practice given the current situation. Untangle is like a meditation motivator, highlighting the power it can have on our daily lives. Told through the stories of people who have used the method to transform themselves, it also includes interviews with neuroscientists, nutritionists, psychologists and experts who all believe it is a great method to cope in difficult situations. It is also incredibly uplifting and inspiring.

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Right now, it might feel that little is going right. Well, rather than dwell on this, ‘How to fail with Elizabeth Day’ focuses on these failures, but in a positive light. How? Well, each week a guest explores their failures, what they have learnt from them, and how these have enabled them to succeed and become who they are today. The latest episode is dedicated to coping with Coronavirus anxiety, and what we can learn from the pandemic. A surprisingly relaxing listen that helps put situations into perspective.

‘Binaural Beats’ Choices Personalized Retreats

Choices Personalized Retreats has created a ‘Binaural Beats’ type of sound therapy designed to help achieve a calmer state in your everyday life- something many could benefit from right now. Let Dr Jeremy Alford guide you through a sleep meditation or chose audio and video recordings that support anxiety and offer relaxation. Use your extra time to really commit to the listening experience and see the benefits to your overall wellbeing for yourself.

If you would like to listen to Dr Alford’s guided meditations to help deal with COVID-19 anxiety or lack of sleep, you can find the recordings here: https://www.choicesretreats.com/guided-meditations/ or follow him on Insight Timer  https://insighttimer.com/jeremyalford

Dr Jeremy Alford is also offering online therapy sessions from the comfort of your home during this period when people are asked to stay home. For further information, please contact him here: https://www.choicesretreats.com/


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