When experiencing depression, it can be difficult to know the most effective way to treat it. Far too often there is a reliance on antidepressant medication and whilst this works for a minority, very few people experience significant recovery by treating depression through medication alone.

Evidence has suggested that psychotherapies offer a more effective cure for treating depression, with The British Psychological Society recently highlighting that evidence-based psychological treatment is a key component in tackling common symptoms. Although they believe antidepressants do have a place in the treatment of depression for more severe symptoms, they emphasize that those prescribing them need to weigh up their efficacy against the risk of harm to the patient. Instead, treatment should focus on ‘well researched psychological support’.

If then psychological therapy is so essential in tackling depression, why is there a lack of access to psychological therapies worldwide, with long waiting lists and little alternative support? In the UK alone there is a concern that antidepressant prescribing is on the increase due to it being the only treatment option available, or worse medication being used as a ‘stop-gap’ until psychological therapy becomes available.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem confined to the NHS in the UK. In fact, worldwide there aren’t enough mental health professionals’ qualified to provide psychological treatment. A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that a significant majority of non-metropolitan counties (65%) didn’t have access to a psychiatrist and that almost half of the non-metropolitan counties (47%) had no support from a psychologist.

This is why seeking alternative, private treatment for depression may be the most effective solution. If you are struggling with depression having access not only to the relevant therapy but also to a qualified professional able to put this evidence-based psychological approach into practice is key.

The Choices Personalized Retreats Program run by Dr Jeremy Alford, ensures that each individual case of depression is carefully analyzed so that the most appropriate intervention is provided. This treatment plan will depend on the outcome of his evaluation, and his evidence-based approach to psychotherapy has proven very effective to many people, through an intensive program of mindfulness therapy and CBT, our retreats focus on helping you learn effective ways to deal with the direct or indirect cause of depression rather than rely on medication which does not ‘cure’ the depression but rather offers a quick, temporary relief. Dr Alford’s ‘Perspective, Insight & Transformation’ method ensures that each person experiencing depression is guided through the program in a personalized way and that sessions are offered in an intensive format (rather than once a week) as this has been proven to effectively reduce common symptoms of depression.

In times when services are lacking in this area, it is reassuring to know that the Choices program offers continual support in your recovery journey.
If you are experiencing depression and would like to find out more on how The Choices Personalized Retreats Program can help you, visit our website here: https://choicesretreats.com/


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