“I have known Dr Jeremy for more than 7 years, he is one of the best expert in mental health, food disorder and anger management, I wish I had the time to see him more. He is professional and I highly recommend working with him.”

Rehab Ayoub

Syrian Film Producer & Activist

“Words can’t describe how much you have helped me over the 3 weeks of my time in Bali. My friends and family are very grateful and send their gratitude to you. But most importantly I have to thank you so much for assisting me in finding hope in life again. You were my last resort and you didn’t disappoint me, the opposite actually – you exceeded my expectations. All I expected was to survive, not to give in, but you gave me a new life with hope, love, peace, freedom and some happiness.”

“I have worked with Jeremy and have found him to be empathic and and person centered in his approach. Definitely recommend to those seeking an empathic mental health professional.”

Alastair Mordey

Chief Clinical Officer & Co-Founder at Elevate Health. Programme Director & Co-Founder of The Beach Rehab, Thailand.

“Jeremy taught me how to overcome anxiety. He gave me practical tools and recommended daily practices that changed my attitude and my perspective. It transformed my life.”

A. M. A.

Freelance Editor

“I know Dr. Alford for more than 10 years now since he was working as a clinical psychologist in Beirut all through the establishment of #MEEDA. As a clinician, he always used evidence-based intervention such as CBT. We had a few persons with whom we worked together and it was obvious that not only Dr. Alford had an excellent clinical set of skills but also that he was very caring and supportive for each of the persons. His will to help persons with eating disorder access care and to raise awareness about eating disorder leading to establish the first Eating Disorder NGO in Lebanon that is still working to promote awareness in the Middle East. Since he moved to Bali he pushed his model a bit further blinding CBT techniques with Mindfulness and other Eastern inspired spiritual component and is now focused on delivering more personalized care which seems to be filling a gap for a specific profile of persons struggling with mild to moderate mental health symptoms searching for a space to work through some difficulties and refocus on their life priorities!”

Rabih El Chammay

Head of the Mental Health Programme at Ministry of Public Health – Lebanon. Working on mental health system reform and improving mhpss services for refugees

“Dr. Jeremy Alford was a visiting Psychologist and Hypnotherapist at the Soor center for professional assessment and therapy in Kuwait, where I worked as an office manager from 2009 to 2012. During this time, and thanks to his help, I came for the first time of my life to discern the good understanding of Hypnotherapy from the commercial stereotype image. I witnessed on many occasions, that his prominent reputation of professional expertise ended him up being fully booked for the whole day with back to back sessions from 9 am to 7 pm. And, his effective touch on smoking issues, was crystal clear, and could not go unnoticed. Working with him and all other psychologists at Soor center was always enjoyable and an opportunity of learning new things. I wish all the best of success and prosperity for him and his lovely family.”

Ali Obtel

Executive Secretary to the Group Chief Executive Officer at Kuwait Finance House

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy more than a decade ago when he started his practice in Beirut. His empathetic and insightful approach enabled me to overcome so many obstacles I didn’t even know were holding me back. His warmth and genuine caring for positive outcomes were manifested in extremely deep soul dives… I would not trade my time with him for anything… anyone looking to transform their life would be lucky to work with Jeremy! Love him and respect the beautiful work he does!”

Rouba Zeidan

Marketing & Communications Specialist

“I have high regards for Jeremy Alford’ s skills and abilities as a therapist having had the opportunity to collaborate with him on several occasions”

Leila Jaroudi

Psychotherapist-Private Consultant

“with Jeremy… in one session, you would feel different and better and improved! his approach has always worked, whether it was through Hypnosis or Therapy; even the books that he recommends are on point with what you need at that given time! Highly Recommend!”

Reem Al Musallam

BA in Advertising & PR

“I have known Jeremy more than ten years now, I worked at his clinic for a short time and I saw how dedicated he was for his work. Jeremy has founded the Middle East Eating Disorders Association, and I was with the first group he formed. There too I could see his diligence and dedication.”

Anita Toutikian PhD

Psychotherapist Child Adolescent Adult Couple – Relationship, career and Life Coach.

“I Have known Dr. Alford for more than 12 years now. We worked on many projects and brainstormed on ideas which allowed me to witness his enthusiasm and ethics in clinical psychology but also his devotion to implementing clinical psychology in Lebanon. MEEDA is a perfect example of years of dedication, innovation and hard work in raising awareness and providing evidence-based help for people suffering from eating disorders in Lebanon and the Middle-East. Bridging the gap between western models of science and eastern models of knowledge, Dr. Alford is now in Bali furthering his knowledge and combining schools of thoughts that were for a long time wrongfully separated. For the many achievements and collaborations to come, I can’t wish Dr. Alford but success, health, and happiness.”

Rudy Abi-Habib, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology Department of Social Sciences School of Arts And Sciences Lebanese American University.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. Psychotherapy trainer.

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