Latest SLV workshop – Ubud, Bali (October 2019)
Ubud workshop

Dr Jeremy Alford recently gave an October workshop to a group of 40 psychology graduates in Ubud, Bali which included a summary of his work around mental health and his own personal journey throughout the years.

The talk also focused on the practical aspects of therapy and how the integration of CBT in an eclectic way has proven to be most effective. Beginning with a mindfulness meditation practice, Dr Alford explained how this is key in his Choices Personalized Retreats program and that combining mindfulness with CBT is a way to draw attention to the present moment, becoming more aware of our surroundings and accepting our thoughts and feelings in a more positive way. Dr Alford explained how he has found this personalized therapy method to be beneficial in both his personal work and with regards to his clients and patients mental health.

Personalized methods

Just as all of the 40 SLV psychology students and graduates are unique, so too are each of Dr Alford’s clients and this is why effective therapy needs to be both tailored and personalized for each individual’s needs. Dr Alford also touched upon this personalization method when his talk discussed CBT in more detail. For those unaware of what CBT involves, it is an evidence-based, short term psychotherapy treatment focused on the solution. His treatment aims to provide the practical tools each patient needs to reach recovery and support their mental health journey after the retreat is over.

Personal experiences

In terms of his own personal experiences, Dr Alford made the SLV students and graduates aware of the challenges they will face in their chosen field of work when responding to the mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and burnout which are unfortunately all too common in our modern-day, hectic lifestyle. Whilst research has suggested seeking support for mental health and using services such as CBT is still taboo in Asian communities due to cultural sensitivities, Dr Alford is also looking to highlight another taboo mental health issue in the Middle East- eating disorders. He explained how he, unfortunately, has the first-hand experience of the sensitivity around eating disorders in this region, which is one of the reasons he has founded MEEDA. MEEDA aims to shine a light on all types of eating disorders in the MENA region, providing support and guidance to those who need it. This is the first non-profit association dedicated to raising awareness of eating disorders in this area, and has directly influenced how he approaches these mental health issues and the methods he incorporates into the Choices Personalized Retreats program.

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