Health Practitioners panel in Canggu, Bali – Saturday 12th October
This Saturday (12th October) Dr Jeremy Alford will be participating in a Health Practitioners Panel designed to shape the future of the wellness industry. The event which takes place at Nirvana Strength (a center of excellence designed to positively encourage new heights in mind and body) in the wellness hub of Canggu, Bali. Saturday will see Dr Alford sit alongside an international panel of specialists, leaders and visionaries to discuss both evidence-based wellness and the latest innovations in this dynamic industry.

The panel gathering is designed to offer a shared purpose where professionals both exchange opinions and strategize for the good of the health industry and the planet we share. Dr Alford will be particularly focusing on the Mind-body Psychosomatic Interaction with specific reference to Chronic Pain – by providing an overview of the often sensitive relationship our mind and body has in the development and maintenance of psychosomatic illnesses.

Ever questioned whether your pain is real or imagined? Dr Jeremy will be looking at this alongside what it actually means to be experiencing psychosomatic illnesses such as chronic pain. As well as this interesting discussion, evidence-based methods similar to those Dr Alford uses as part of Choices Personalised Retreats will be revealed, as a way of working through and promoting recovery from psychosomatic illnesses such as chronic pain.

The health practitioners panel will also feature other industry professionals who will be discussing topics ranging from Nutrigenomics in Mental Health to Sub-optimal health status (SHS) which is associated with symptoms of chronic fatigue, mood disturbances, sleep disorders and digestive problems.

If you are experiencing any of these issues and would like to find out more about the science behind your symptoms, as well as seek practical coping methods, this is your chance to partake in a discussion with expert health practitioners in the field. Similarly, if you are interested in learning more about the future of evidence-based wellness, this event is designed to provide delegates with a first look at how the industry is both developing and growing.

For more information about the panel, the event and to purchase tickets, visit the Nirvana Strength website here:

You can also find more information on the dedicated Facebook event page here:

We hope to see some of you there and look forward to the discussion!


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