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Bali the ultimate holistic destination

Bali: It isn’t all coconuts, palm trees and rice paddies- although it’s close! Better known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ Bali is an island closely linked to spirituality, religion and mental wellbeing. Often those struggling with depression, anxiety, burnout or just poor mental health, in general, are subjected to an environment which fuels this. Think chaotic, busy cities, where you are forced to move at a hectic pace, have little time for self-reflection and little opportunity to de-stress. This is why we believe at Choices Personalized Retreats that environmental factors are so detriment to full recovery.

Environmental factors contributing to poor mental health
We know that everything around has an impact on the way our body develops. Although mental health problems remain complicated, research has shown that negative environmental factors can both aid and worsen poor mental health – especially concerning anxiety, depression and eating disorders. On average, most people spend about 40 to 50 hours per week at work which impacts everything from mood, behaviour, motivation and energy levels. People who push themselves too hard- not taking appropriate breaks, working overly long hours and failing to make time for self-care are also more susceptible to burnout. Once these mental health problems are there, it is very hard to feel better or change bad habits in an environment which may be contributing to such negative attributes.

So why Bali?

Here at Choices Personalized Retreats, we believe Bali is an environment cohesive to recovery. It is rightly known for its beautiful landscape- think tropical green valleys, volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies and stunning sunsets, but it also offers the perfect location for holistic healing. The people here hold centuries-old traditional Hindu beliefs which focus on compassion and tolerance towards others. Kindness and tolerance is something we need to show ourselves as we begin our recovery journey. Bali also offers a suitable environment to practise yoga, meditation and spiritual healing- all factors that are incorporated in our Choices Personalized Retreats programme. Daily yoga and spa treatments are included in every customized program. Bali is an island that enables us to provide a unique healing experience. We believe offering a combination of one on one sessions, CBT and mindfulness practice in a stunning environment that also includes luxury boutique hotel accommodation makes recovery more likely compared to a daily environment where you cannot escape stress or have time for self-reflection.

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