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Human beings are more than just thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical symptoms.

We are more importantly part of an intricate social network within an environment that is continuously changing.

We are as much influenced by our surroundings as our surroundings are influenced by each of us. Our human condition will respond to such life experiences as career change, loss of loved one, physical injury, political instability, war, abusive relationship and so on in many different ways.

This is where developing a greater understanding of what it means to be human through the process of therapy comes in.



Here’s how our admission process works:

Before joining the intensive therapy program:

1. Schedule a free initial online consultation
2. Present the concerns / issues you would like to tackle
3. Get a clear understanding of the private program and what it entails
4. Find out more about the various options along with online therapy
5. Complete the online questionnaire
6. Get confirmation for your suitability for the program



Once you join the intensive therapy program:

  • You are carefully introduced to cognitive behavioural concepts and their application in daily life.
  • This is achieved through combining evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness, biofeedback and / or cognitive hypnotherapy.
  • Each one of these therapeutic tools are opportunities to get an improved perspective of self, in order to acquire further insight and understanding to finally experience long lasting transformation.

This does not have to be a long process, however once we find ourselves on steadier grounds it becomes a journey that becomes a natural part of our continuously developing Self towards what Carl Jung called ‘Individuation’, or a ‘whole person’ at his or her full potential.

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